Why? Because too many business owners and directors, especially in the start of a new business, feel that they would save money by doing all the necessary admin jobs in their business or by keeping the jobs in-house, however this hampers business growth, and takes the focus off income-producing tasks or prevents staff from getting on with their regular jobs, but most importantly, it can halt important client work and/or business goals.

That’s exactly the reason why we have created this business. We help to free up your time by helping you in your business with our cost-effective services, but here’s the best bit, our services are self-paying in that we also help you on your business, with our marketing services.

Want to reach your business goals faster? Why not have us help you free up your time too, and you can also feel confident, that all your peripheral tasks will be taken care of, worry-free, by our Beck & Call team.

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Business Benefits

Business benefit picture

Have more time for promoting your business

You have more time to focus on income producing tasks

Experience a positive impact on your business

Give clients the impression your business is larger and more successful

Stay ahead of the competition

These services are tax deductible 

Realise better work/life balance

Professional Assistance

Professional Assistance

Cost effective and cheaper than employment

Outsourcing is over 30-50% cheaper than employing staff

It is over 50% cheaper than doing it yourself

No legal impact of employing staff (such as health & safety)

Fully trained resources who can hit the ground running

Have the same PA who understands your business

Only pay for the time spent on your project (not on holidays, breaks etc) 

Debt Recovery & Customer Accounts Services Assistance

Debt recovery

Get paid faster


Collect outstanding debts faster from clients or customers

Have an efficient customer service accounts manager

Benefit from low cost-effective rates

Regular invoicing of clients and better cash flow

Receive up-to-date info on your P&L report

Business & Personal Concierge Benefits

Watering plants

Realise work/life balance - have more time for you

Have someone else organise your meetings, events or travel plans

Have someone else arrange your business or home services

Have someone else manage your deliveries

Have someone else handle your property, pet and plant sitting

Have someone manage your purchases or gift shopping