Ten things to help you maintain momentum in business

Published: 25 January 2018

This list is meant as a reminder for one-man bands and busy entrepreneurs, who are trying to keep a close pulse on what’s happening in their business, or for those who want to have a bit of a boost in their marketing, or for those who simply want to get up to speed quickly when they have a bit of time.

These are some quick and productive things that you can do to help you stay organised and maintain momentum in your business:

  1. Organise your marketing list – keep on top of this, it’s your bread & butter
  2. Craft and send out special offers – helps you draw in your lapsed clients or new customers
  3. Put together special offers or services to existing clientshelps keep your clients close
  4. Research new clients and build a listalways good to keep marketing to maintain cash flow
  5. Find a publication, online group and/or association where your clients gatherhelps you to reach your target market easier
  6. Update your website, review, change, add contentGood for Google, good for you
  7. Network with a new groupanother way to find fresh new clients
  8. Update your social mediait’s a necessary evil these days, to keep up with what’s happening and build relationships
  9. Update your bookkeepingmake sure you haven’t overlooked any outstanding invoices
  10. Organise your office, filing, desk – a clear desk is a clear mind

(If you don’t have time to do these things, give us a ring, as we specialise in office administration and can also support you in your marketing efforts)