10 hidden secrets of employment

Published: 26 January 2018

10 Hidden secrets associated with employment Costs

You might think employing a PA has got to be cheaper than outsourcing to a PA Service, right?  Or, perhaps you might think you would save yourself a bundle on the seemingly ‘high’ rate for your outsourced professional, but have a closer look.  Below we have identified 10 hidden costs associated with employment which you may not have considered:

The Employer pays for: 

  1. Reviewing CV’s, interviewing and follow-up
  2. Preparing a contract and employment paperwork
  3. Ongoing legal fees associated with employment
  4. Time for induction and ongoing training and reviews
  5. Purchase and maintenance of workspace and facilities     
  6. Ongoing acquisition of office supplies, furniture, equipment, etc.
  7. Benefits such as NIC, SSP, Pensions, Holiday Pay, Annual Wages
  8. Payroll administration fees, and HR costs
  9. Downtime, absenteeism, smoke and coffee breaks
  10. Holiday, sickness, maternity/paternity leave 

We’re sure it doesn’t end there, when you consider all the legal ramifications involved.

By the time you’ve added up these hidden costs, your employee is now costing you almost 50% more than the PA service.  And it would be even more costly to try to take on these tasks yourself, when you factor in your hourly rate. 

Now consider the benefits of using an outsourced PA company like ours: 

  •         With several years’ experience, we are already vetted, just view our clients’ comments.
  •          No employment contract needed, we tailor our services to your needs.
  •          With our mutual agreement and NDAs in place, we are governed accordingly.
  •          No need for training, with our experience in a variety of industries, we can hit the ground running.
  •          No need to purchase any equipment as we have, and/or can bring, our own.
  •          You just pay an hourly rate or flat fee, with no additional charges for benefits, etc.
  •          No payroll administration to worry about, and you have a tax-deductible invoice.
  •          You just pay for the actual time worked, no need to pay for any downtime, holidays or hidden costs.
For further help with working smartly and moving your business to the next level, get in touch with us at Beck & Call UK on 0800 0920 788 

It’s now easy to see that utilising the services of an outsourced company, like ours, is more cost-effective and time-efficient than employment, and the best part is, we are self-paying, in that we help you get more business.